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About us


Biking to work is becoming the norm in many Canadian cities.  Here in Vancouver cycling is growing year after year; there are new cycling routes, bicycle parking and bicycle lanes.  More and more people are starting to understand the advantages of cycling over other forms of commuting. 

When I started commuting to work I needed a reliable, light weight, efficient and inexpensive bicycle for my daily commute. I could not use my carbon, Shimano "dura-ace" bicycle ($$$$) for commuting; yet, I did not want to ride a heavy clunky, old, ugly bicycle.   I wanted a comfortable efficient bicycle that I could lock-it to the bike rack and not worry every minute about being hijacked.

I decided to bring light weight, durable Chromoly frames with quality name brand components at affordable prices to daily commuters.  Aries Bicycles are 85% assembled in China with components from Taiwan.  Aries Bicycle imports and sells the bicycles directly to the customer via online orders and Greyhoundt delivery.  We do not have a physical store; all the savings in rents, salaries and commissions is clearly noticed in our prices. 

If you live in British Columbia lower mainland please call Eddy (604 880 7016) or email me: to arrange a pick-up or delivery, you will save money and time.  If you have any questions about our bicycle, components, pricing and whatever do not hesitate in contacting me.