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Bicycle Assembly A1

Bike Assembly A1 (fixed / free wheel):

Handlebar:  Make sure the stem is securely fastened. After installing the handlebar twist the handlebars while holding the front wheel. The stem and handlebars must not move in the steering tube.


Saddle: The seat post must be secure in the seat tube. The correct height of the seat is your choice.  We recommend to set the seat at so that your leg will be slightly bent when fully extended in the down stroke.  Never set the seat tube over the minimum insertion line.


Wheels and Tires:

Inflate your tires properly at the recommended pressure. (see tire specifications: P.S.I). 

Attach the wheels securely and make sure the brakes are working properly.  Align both wheels correcting for wobbling; (check the space between the rim and brake pads or the tire and frame). Check the chain tension if too loose adjust the chain tensioner in the back of the rear dropouts alternating left and right making sure the correct alignment is kept.  The chain should have about 1/2 cm of movement up and down.


Pedals are marked with “R” for the right side, “L” for the left side.  Remember the pedals have counterclockwise threads on the LEFT SIDE!!! (you screw counterclockwise)



You can choose to ride a fixed cog or freewheel cog by flipping the back wheel.  To remove the back wheel you will first loosen the chain tensioner, loosen the axle nuts and remove the chain off the cog.  Choose the side you want to ride and reinstall the wheel.  Adjust the chain tension to approximately 1/4” (0.6 cm) of movement up and down, do not over tighten the chain.



Check-list before riding:


* Are you wearing a helmet and appropriate equipment and clothing?

* Check wheels, make sure they are securely installed in the frame.

* Tires are inflated?

* Brakes are working properly?

* Check for any crack, damages and loose parts.

* Seat height matches your size?

* Handle bars and front wheels moving together?


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